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FCTC Financial Awards

FCTC Financial Awards

The California Fire Foundation (CFF), was founded by firefighters for firefighters. An important part of our mission is to ensure all persons have an equal opportunity to pursue employment within the fire service, regardless of financial situation.

There are many steps in the journey of becoming a firefighter. Two critical requirements candidates must meet are taking and passing a physical ability test and a written exam. CFF has partnered with California’s Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) to provide financial awards to cover all event fees associated with the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and the FCTC Written Test. There are several avenues to qualify for the award, including but not limited to, proof of receiving unemployment insurance.

FCTC also has preparation courses to help candidates succeed in their testing.

The CFF provides awards to pay these testing fees for individuals who demonstrate financial hardship. There are several avenues an applicant can take to qualify for the CFF Financial Award including, but not limited to, proof of Unemployment Insurance.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a firefighter and would like to view the application and qualifications to apply please click here.

Award Confidentiality

The California Fire Foundation and the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center respect our candidates’ privacy. All applicant information and financial award documents are kept confidential. Award recipients can rest assured that hiring agencies will have no knowledge of their award and their personal financial information will never be given to HR or Fire Department personnel.

How to Submit Your Application

(916) 922-0972
Attn: CFF Financial Award Program
1780 Creekside Oaks Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833

Conditions That Can Affect Your Award Status

Award recipients must use the awarded fees within 12 months from date of award.  If the awardee has not completed their CPAT and/or FCTC Written Test within those 12 months, they will have to re-apply and qualify for a second award. An individual may be granted two (2) awards maximum.

CFF Financial Awards Cover the Following:

  • (2) Practices @ $30 each – CPAT pre-test program
  • CPAT Test $160 which also includes (2) Pre-Test Orientations
  • Written Test Preparation Course $25
  • Written Test $50

Rescheduling Your Test

Candidates may reschedule their test date up to two (2) business days before their event date without penalty. Changes less than two (2) business days before an event may be subject to termination of grant.

No Shows

If you do not show up for any of your scheduled events you will forfeit your financial award.

Denial of 2nd Grant Request

A candidate who falls under one (1) of the following, waives the privilege of a 2nd award request.

  • Was a no-show to their scheduled Cal-JAC CPAT Event.
  • Did not participate in all four (4) required Cal-JAC CPAT pre-test events and failed the CPAT.
  • Was a no-show to their scheduled FCTC Written Test.
  • Did not participate in a Written Test Prep Course and failed their exam.


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